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Fox Sports: Michigan State Has 7th Toughest Non-Conference Schedule

The Spartans Non-Conference index is 3.33

NCAA Football: Oregon at Michigan State Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

According to Fox Sports, Michigan State is facing the 7th toughest non conference schedule in 2016.

The Spartans have a non-conference index of 3.33. Hosting Furman with the first game of the year, followed by a poorly scheduled bye week 2 and the biggest non-conference test of the year in a road game at Notre Dame. The schedule also includes hosting BYU on October 8th.

According to Bruce Feldmen, the index is scored like this:

I've based this on my evaluation of the average opponent's merits for 2016 on the following points system: five points for a top-5-caliber team; 4.5 for a top-15; four for a top-25; 3.5 for a top-40; three for a top-60; 2.5 for a top-80; two for a top-100; 1.5 for a fringe FBS program or strong FCS team; and one for a complete cupcake. Also, I've added bonus points for a road game (0.5) or a neutral site game (0.25).

The only other Big Ten team in the top 10 is Ohio State, with an index score of 3.50.