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NBA Draft Preview: Deyonta Davis

The Freshman Stays A Mid First Round Pick

Penn State v Michigan State Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images

All of Spartan Nation was disappointed with the way the season ended. A departure earlier than most for MSU had the fan base asking two questions. First: how in the literal hell did that just happen?

Second? What is going to happen with Deyonta Davis.

Michigan State and coach Izzo are not used to having one and done players. While some major talent has come through the doors of the Breslin, Izzo doesn't usually actively recruit those players (or they end up going to other schools) so we typically get to see guys for at least two years. However after a few weeks of deliberation, Davis decided that he was going to make his jump to the NBA.

Deyonta Davis averaged Just under 19 minutes a game while he was at Michigan State. In that time he was able to pick up averages of 7.5 points, 5.5 rebounds and 1.8 blocks per game in his 35 game freshman year. He was typically playing down low, not really getting too many shots in as he only averaged 5.7 field goal attempts per game but in his latest workout he has been picking up the shooting and Draft Express has even expressed the chance for him to become a mid-range threat.

Shooting is something that Davis was not given the opportunity to do with Michigan State. As he said in his interview with Draft Express, "bigs really were not allowed to shoot at Michigan State." he cited the fact that most of his looks were in the paint in college so he has really worked on his shot and ability to stretch the floor. This hybrid big man with range style has been getting a lot of love in the league as of late. While he does not have nearly the athleticism of a Kevin Durant, he has the size and touch that could have a team thinking mostly about the upside here.

He is still young at 19, but we have seen players come into the league and thrive, even at a young age. Right now Draft Express has him projected with the 13th pick, going to the Phoenix Suns and ESPN have him landing with the Bulls at the 14th pick. This is not a wold lot different from where Chad Ford had him listed a month ago so unless some NFL Draft style trades happen (which we may not see until after the NBA Finals are over) it is a good bet he is going to end up mid first round.

The NBA Draft is held on June 23rd at 7pm ET on ESPN and Watch ESPN

NOTE: A previous version of the story mentioned that Davis averaged 5.5 assists per game and has ben updated to the correct stat of 5.5 rebounds per game.