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Jermaine Edmondson Granted Release from Michigan State Amidst Incident with Draymond Green

The departing senior will have one year of eligibility left

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This is the story that keeps on going.

We first heard news on Monday morning that Draymond Green was arrested in East Lansing early Sunday morning after an altercation. We later learned the altercation was with a male who turned out to be MSU DB Jermaine Edmondson. Originally signs were pointing to this being a just a misunderstanding. Reports came in that Edmondson was not going to be pressing any charges against Green.

Things changed when the Lansing State Journal reported that Edmondson sent a statement to police saying he “would like to take further action” and was “willing to cooperate”. In that report, Edmondson also claimed the incident early Sunday was not the first run in he had with Green this weekend.

According to Christopher Haxel of the Lansing State Journal:

“In that incident, Edmondson wrote, two men with Green choked him. Another man with Green also choked Edmondson's girlfriend, he wrote. He wasn't able to identify who had choked him or his girlfriend. The police report indicates the girlfriend also could not identify the men.”

In the latest news tonight, according to WXYZ’s Brad Galli, Jermaine Edmondson has been granted a release from the team. Here is the statement from Coach Mark Dantonio:

Edmondson is a senior and he will have one year of eligibility left. No word on where he will be headed.