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Valentine, Harris and Green Talk Michigan State and USA Basketball

The former Spartans chatted at a USA Basketball practice in Vegas.

Basketball: USA Basketball training Joshua Dahl-USA TODAY Sports

We have seen a lot of bad press lately for former Michigan State players. From Draymond’s assault case, to Appling’s weapons charges and now Le’Veon Bell’s likely suspension we have not been getting great news down the pipe this off-season.

One bright spot however is found when looking at Team USA Basketball and the Michigan State representation on not only the squad heading to Rio in Draymond Green but also the Select Team having Denzel Valentine and Gary Harris as members.

MSU Athletics was able to catch up with all three and talk about everything from the MSU program being built, to what it is like to play with players of this caliber.

Side note: Watching ‘Zel for the last few years I didn’t realize how much smaller he was than other NBA guys. He was standing next to Boogie Cousins and he looked like a little kid. Dude has GOT to get bigger.