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Mike Sadler: 1991-2016

The iconic MSU punter was killed in an automobile accident in Wisconsin last night.

Duane Burleson/Getty Images

Words feel inadequate here. I could describe this news as sad, horrific, terrible, all of the above, and then some. Really though, there's no need for adjectives: the possible tears in your eyes and lump in your throat is more real than any words I could ever use; to put news like this into such words seems to almost lessen what actually happened.

Mike Sadler, along with current Nebraska punter Sam Foltz, died last night in an automobile crash last night in Wisconsin. Few details have been confirmed at this time, but they were there for a kicking camp. Sadler, besides ranking second in school history for punts (268) and punting yards (11,307), was a four time Academic All-American, completed a Master's degree in 2015, and was heading to Stanford Law in the fall; his personal statement actually detailed how MSU beat Stanford in the Rose Bowl.

Besides those concrete accomplishments, Sadler was well-known on social media as a joker, smart-ass, but all-around good dude. You need only to go on Twitter to see how his teammates are memorializing him:

More to come later. For now though, I'm throwing thoughts and prayers towards the Sadler and MSU Football teams tonight -- I know that sounds trite, but it's better than doing nothing -- and I think this is how Mike would want to be remembered.