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Michigan State Spartans Football: The Mike SadlerPlot

Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

I have a confession to make, and maybe it is obvious: I am the type of person who tries to quantify everything. Especially the things that feel unquantifiable (if that is even a word). I did not personally know Mike Sadler, but I was surprisingly affected by his death.

So I bring to you probably the most ridiculous scatterplot in the history of The Only Colors:

(Note: most of these accounts were easy to spot, but Paul Edinger was difficult. I used this account, given the folks he followed and the fact that he was trying to promote a kicking camp.)

As a punter, Mike Sadler fit right in with an extremely impressive set of MSU punters over the last twenty years. Intuitively, I suspect that his net punting average, which would account for returns and touchbacks, would make him appear even more impressive in this comparison.

As a personality, Sadler outstripped just about everyone. Brandon Fields could get a trophy named after him, but couldn't reach Mike Sadler-levels of Twitter popularity.

Ultimately, I hope Mike would appreciate a weird scatterplot in his honor. After all, he was a fan of #Math: