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Mark Dantonio ties Urban Meyer as Big Ten coach that players want to play for

What other Big Ten coach would players most like to play for?

David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

The Michigan State Spartans have one of the best coaches in college football, not to mention one of the most well-liked coaches.

That was made clear in an anonymous player poll done by ESPN at Big Ten Media Day, where Dantonio finished in a tie with Ohio State Buckeyes coach Urban Meyer as the Big Ten coach they would most want to play for, other than their current coach of course.

Meyer and Dantonio finished Nos. 1-2 in our poll last year, so it makes sense they'd be back on top this season. Over the last four seasons, no two B1G coaches have been more successful.

For Dantonio, it seemed as much about his personality as his success on the field. "He has very strong values," one player said. "He does things the right way and doesn't take short cuts. He just seems like a guy the players love playing for."

Among the seven Big Ten coaches that various players from the conference voted for, Michigan's Jim Harbaugh was not one of them. I guess acting like a kid doesn't endear you to young men as much as Harbaugh wishes it did.