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WATCH: Trailer for New Michigan State Football Movie ‘Men of Sparta’

Film premieres Sunday at the Traverse City Film Festival.

If you’re a Michigan State Spartans fan, or really just a football fan at all, or maybe even just a movie fan, you should check out the new MSU Football movie "Men of Sparta."

The film debuts Sunday at the Traverse City Film Festival, and you can watch the trailer for it up top.

The movie details the tremendous success of the 1965 and 1966 Spartans, teams led by Duffy Daugherty that went a combined 19-1-1 and claimed two national titles.

But beyond that, it outlines what was happening in the wider world in the mid 1960s. Daugherty was a pioneer in his recruiting of black players from the South as the Civil Rights movement was gaining steam. The team bonded together during the turbulent times.

"Men of Sparta" is directed by Bob Apisa, an All-American fullback who played on the teams. Go see it if you get the chance.