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Letter from the Editor

Just a few words on the recent events.


Hey all,

This is a difficult piece to write as right now, it feels like a difficult time to write anything that matters. It has been a very tumultuous week (or month) for our country. We have senseless acts of violence in Orlando, Baton Rouge, St. Paul, and last night in Dallas. Many lives have been lost and it feels like things are getting worse before they get better.

I spend almost 90% of my time outside of food and sleep on the internet. I am on Facebook and Twitter, reading articles and listening to conversations. Most of the time I am talking to people about sports or tech. Something to deal with free agency or the recruiting battle. Rolling my eyes at Michigan being ranked so high in the pre-season and looking for thoughts and insights to bring to you all here.

However, for the last few weeks it has been harder to sift through the hurt and pain that has been shared in front of us every day. It is harder to see hope in the things we love, when the latest recruit doesn’t seem as important as the trending topic of the latest tragedy.

I am not here to try and make sense of it all, though I wish I could. I am not here to talk about any politicized issue or movement. I do not want the comment section of this article to turn into a mirror image of our news feeds; people arguing over what the other side “should of done” or anything like that, save that for your personal pages. Bottom line is that we are a sports blog and we are going to stick to sports, but I am here to say that all of us at The Only Colors are thinking about those lives that have been lost. We are thinking about how the violence needs to be stopped, we are thinking about how our hearts go out to those communities and those families.

We are going to continue talking about sports because that is what we do, that is what we know. However, we know that humanity and love transcends sports and that is what we are wishing to all those hurting yesterday, today and tomorrow.