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The Only Podcast: O'Connor My Connor

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

After weeks off where nothing happened, Dom and I return to talk about some topics ahead of the season, and Dom also talks with's Sean Merriman.

We've got intro music! And we decided to put it on Soundcloud, since we had to changing hosting sites. And I still interrupt the other guy talking sometimes, sorry.

I'm still tweaking with the RSS, so this episode isn't on iTunes yet, but it hopefully will be soon. It's up. Subscribe to The Only Colors Podcast on iTunes for automatic downloads. Next week will be our big position-by-position and game-by-game preview, and we'll really get going as the season begins.

Topics include:

- Tyler O'Connor named starting QB. But will he be a captain?

- When will Ed Davis be cleared to actually play?

- Thoughts on the early bye week

- Answering reader questions

- Dom's conversation with Sean Merriman