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State of Michigan Top on The Ringer’s ‘College Football State Mood’ List

List means nothing, but it still feels good to be number one.

NCAA Football: Michigan State at Michigan Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

We have seen the pre-season coaches poll. The AP released their top 25. Every sports publication has weighed in on the current landscape and ranked the teams based on some level of hype and the amount of jerseys a coach has worn in the off-season.

That brings us to The Ringer’s article “Ranking the College Football Mood in All 50 States” released today. Zach Karns uses “the Les Miles methodology: gut feel and a dose of madness” to rank the states and the state of Michigan happens to fall number one on his list.

From the article:

Unlike other states with two premier programs, both of Michigan’s top schools exceeded expectations last year and are ready for more playoff consideration in 2016. Mark Dantonio has made 11 wins the Spartans’ new baseline, and Jim Harbaugh has transformed a sub-.500 program into national betting favorites in just a year. The last time these two teams met, the greatest moment of the 2015 season resulted. They play again on October 29 in East Lansing, this time with the title of Best Team in the Best College Football State on the line.

The best part of the article? Ohio State ranked number 2 (which is going to kill OSU fans) and Alabama is down at 5.

Also, this video is embedded and NEVER gets old.