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Michigan State Names Captains for 2016 Season

The three seniors look to lead the Spartan’s this season

Matthew Mitchell, MSU Athletic Communications

Well, we won’t have to talk about this for the rest of the season.

Coach Dantonio addressed the team today after practice to let them know that the captains of this years team have been selected and they are safety Demetrious Cox, linebacker Riley Bullough and quarterback Tyler O'Connor.

You could almost hear the collective sigh of relief from all of Spartan Nation as Tyler O’Connor was selected as one of the three captains, after the months of headlines last year due to the absence of Connor Cook’s name from the captain’s list.

“It’s awesome.” said Senior Riley Bullough. “For [my teammates] to elect me, out of all the special guys we have on this team means a lot.

See their comments in the video below: