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WATCH: Jalen Watts-Jackson Talks Life After Scoring One of Michigan State’s Most Legendary Touchdowns

“Everyone around me was cheerful and wanted to cheer me on, but I was in pain.”

Jalen Watts-Jackson scored of the most famous touchdowns in Michigan State Spartans history last fall, giving MSU it’s seventh win over Michigan in eight years.

But he didn’t stick the landing, breaking his hip in the process. Now he’s ready to come back for the 2016 season, and talks about his recovery in the above Campus Rush video.

"I’ve had a lot of time to sit down," he says. "I couldn’t walk for three months, so by the time that was over I was ready to play again."

Watts-Jackson said he knew right away that his hip was injured, even before the trainers could diagnose him.

"I diagnosed myself," says the 5-11, 186-pound sophomore. "My hip was out. I knew what happened instantly. Everyone around me was cheerful and wanted to cheer me on, but I was in pain."

In fact, the first time Watts-Jackson actually saw the play was in the hospital. He didn’t realize just how far he had run.

This year he’s hoping to make some more memories.

"Any way I can go out there and contribute to my team, defense, special teams, I want it to be, ‘okay he’s still making plays. He’s not just this one play guy.'"