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Tyler O'Connor talks being named starting QB and team captain

Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

Last week, the Michigan State Spartans named Tyler O'Connor the team's Week 1 starter vs Furman.

After a long battle with Damion Terry for the No. 1 QB job, O'Connor is ready to lead MSU as a full-time starter for the first time. However, many who get to this level of college football have had the mindset that they'll be starting, and it's just a matter if the coaches agree.

That's the case with O'Connor, who says that mentality is something he's had for awhile now.

"It's a long process here at Michigan State, especially when you go through kind of the situations that I've been in, but it certainly does come full circle, and that's something that Coach D preaches from day one," O'Connor said. "Your time will come, as long as you work hard and do the right thing."

Here is O'Connor discussing winning the starting quarterback job, courtesy of

And here is a look at O'Connor talking about being named a team captain, courtesy of Spartans Sports Network.

O’Connor becomes the Spartans’ first quarterback to be named a captain since Andrew Maxwell in 2012.