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The Only Podcast: Michigan State depth chart breakdown, season predictions and more

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

It's our season preview special bonanza!

We've got a loaded episode, and the RSS/auto-downloads should be fixed this time.

Topics include:

- MSU's "Those Who Stay" recruiting graphic... was it a good shot or arrogance?

- Ohio State has 7 captains. What if MSU did that last year?

- The latest with Ed Davis

- Depth chart breakdown

- Offense... what will it look like?

- Defense... can it return to glory? (This was recorded before Enoch Smith Jr. left)

- Dom is a lot higher on the DL and the DB's than I am, and I can't believe one comment about the DB's

- Game by game predictions

- Dom raised some eyebrows at his predictions a few months ago... and he does it again! And I still disagree!

You can listen in Soundcloud below. Make sure you subscribe on iTunes or something else (search for "The Only Colors podcast")

Feedback is welcome!