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A Breakup Letter to #Disrespekt

It is hard to say goodbye, but it needs to be said.

Dear #Disrespekt,

How are you doing, old friend? I hope things are well with you. I write this letter with a heavy heart to say that I just don’t think we should see each other anymore.

I remember the first time I saw you. It was that fall night in 2007, I was in a pretty low spot. I heard the words “little brother” come rolling out of that guy’s mouth and I saw you clear as day. We both know that you were already there but this was the day I first SAW you.

From there we became inseparable. It took people some time to see but where ever I went, you were there with me. If there was a disappointing comment you were right by my side. When we raised our hands in victory and people said we wouldn’t do it again? You were whispering in my ear. When a stake was driven in our field, we won the game in your name. Hell, your name and Dantonio’s smirk made the greatest meme in MSU history.

Time to put this away

Last season when we were told that we would not reach the heights we did before, you were there next to us, leading the charge out of the tunnel. When College Gameday was at our home but opened on a shot of the stadium of the team across state, you were there. When we were counted out of a game against that team and still came out victorious, you were there. When our leader went down and no one gave us credit to win on the road with our destiny in our hands, you were windmilling down the field with us. When our coaches name was misspelled and radio hosts ask about pasta and analysts put us third in a division we have owned, it was your name that we yelled.

But today, I looked in the mirror and saw what I had become. I realized that your name just comes out of my mouth too easy and in victory, your name was the one I was screaming. I lost my identity being wrapped up in you and for that reason, I need to move on.

People expect for you to fight the battle for me. You may have had some power before, given pause when I started to say your name but that time is gone. We have not grown well together. The magic is gone.

Listen, I am aware that I would not be in the place I am today without you an for that I am forever grateful, but the fact of the matter is that if I want to get to the top, to the place I want to be I am going to have to let you go. Our chapter was a fun wild ride but I am ready for a more mature relationship. One that is based in mutual #Respekt and building up for the right reasons. One that is focused on a goal of being better to prove myself right, not proving others wrong.

So this is goodbye, #Disrespekt. Thanks for the memories.

Go Green,