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No Michigan State? No Problem. Watch these 4 Games Today and Be Happy.

We picked the games. You just need to turn them on.

Northern Arizona v Arizona State Photo by Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images

As we let you know a few hours ago, even though the Spartans are not playing (THANKS, NICK SABAN) there is plenty to watch this weekend. Of the slate of games, here are a few you might want to focus in on, in between writing your hate mail to Alabama for canceling the home and home series of course.

UCF at Michigan

When: 12pm ET

Where: ABC


So, the team from AA blew the doors off of Hawaii last week and all week they have been puffing out their chest and because of some teams ahead of them falling last week, they moved up in the polls. You know that JH and co will be confident rolling into this game and as long as Harbaugh doesn’t knock out his own freaking QB, UM should win this game without major upset.

However, this is not Hawaii and UCF put up 38 points last week has been known to hang with some Big Ten teams in the past. As a Spartan, it is your duty to cheer the Knights on as they march down the field a few times and hopefully lose a lot of wolverine fans money who bet that ridiculous line of Mich -34.5.

Nevada at Notre Dame

When: 3:30pm ET

Where: NBC


Obviously, you are going to want to watch the team that MSU is going to be tested against next week. If your wife wants you to clean the garage, you tell her you have “a BIG thing at work at the end of the week and you really need to get ready for it.” We are honestly not going to be learning too much in this game, aside from possibly seeing Brian Kelly learn a lesson from last Sunday night and stick with DeShone Kizer the entire game.

While the Wolf Pack are coming into South Bend with a 1-0 record after putting up 30 points on Cal Ply last week, they also put up 30 points on Cal Poly. The Irish are going to win this game (I think they will cover the spread of 28 too), but this will give us yet another look into the weaknesses of the secondary. They were TORCHED by Texas for 517 total yards (280 in the air) so if Nevada is able to have some success, you better believe that Michigan State will next week as well.

Akron at Wisconsin

When: 3:30pm ET

Where: Big Ten Network


I was one of the poor, unfortunate souls that did not think Wisconsin was going to be a tough game for the Spartans this year. I even predicted on my podcast that I thought LSU was going to run away (literally) with the game and the Big Ten was going to look foolish on National TV in an NFL stadium. I was dead wrong.

These Badgers have made me a believer of them in the West and I think they are going to be giving Iowa a run for it’s money to end up in Indy this December. This Akron team is coming into Madison as a heavy dog (+24) and I think that a physical Wisconsin team, fresh off a huge victory against the perceived SEC (who?) sleeper pick will own the Zips. Watch this and be glad they have to travel to East Lansing in 2 weeks.

Texas Tech at Arizona State

When: 10:00pm ET

Where: FS1


This game has exactly zero implications on Michigan State. It is most likely not going to have any sort of implications on the Big Ten (aside from some possible bowl match-ups), but by god you are a red blooded american and if you want to watch college football until the day turns from Saturday to Sunday, you have that right!

This is going to be a game much like the Louisville/Syracuse game last night. Lots of air attacks (Texas Tech threw for 668 PASSING YARDS last week), next to no defense (both teams gave up a combined total of 681 yards in week one), and enough TD to make your head spin. The over under on this game is 80. This line is going to move when these two teams hit the field, so bet the over, open another Dirty Bastard, and buckle up. 13 hours of college football starts now.