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Saturday Night is Why You Don’t Ever Sleep on Michigan State

The Spartan went and done it again folks.

Michigan State v Notre Dame Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

Live look at myself and all Spartan fans on Saturday night.

Spartan fans were going absolutely crazy when Gerald Holmes broke free and ran it in from 73 yards out. I happened to be at a wedding when Holmes crossed the plane with 3:45 left in the third quarter, the entire wedding party blew up with excitement. It was a great time to be a Spartan. The score read 36-7 at that point with nothing but light at the end of the tunnel. This was of course, completely unexpected.

Las Vegas held that Notre Dame was a touchdown favorite against our beloved Spartans. Analysts all over continuously picked Notre Dame to win, consistently over looking what Michigan State is made of. My own predictions even had them losing that night. I personally had the Spartans clocked in at 10-2, with losses to Notre Dame and Ohio State. Come Saturday night, I couldn't have been happier with being absolutely wrong. While shade and doubt is usually thrown Sparty’s way they constantly overcome it in convincing fashion.

This Tyler O’Connor lead team is finding itself, one day at a time. As it found itself before with Kirk Cousins. And Connor Cook. This team’s identity is being formed as we speak and it showed its character this past game. They never gave up, even when Notre Dame scored 21 straight points late to make it 36-28. They kept pushing forward just like Spartans are supposed to do.

Shortly after a 23 yard run from Shelton for a first down the horn finally sounded. The Spartans had done it. They were listed as underdogs and came out on top yet again. Victory for MSU chants slowly began to echo throughout the stadium letting Irish and Spartans fans alike know who had came into South Bend and taken this victory.

One thing is certain, do not go sleeping on these Spartans. We’ve seen this happen before. The Spartans are ready, they are on the come up, and they are certainly ready for the challenge. Wisconsin here we come.