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Howard Griffith: Michigan State is the Best Team in Michigan

Former NFL fullback gives Spartans the thumbs up.

Who’s the best team in the state of Michigan?

It’s an eternal debate (and one Western Michigan may want in on this season) but the Big Ten Network’s Howard Griffith gives the thumbs up to none other than the Michigan State Spartans:

“They are the best team in the state of Michigan,” says the former Illinois and NFL fullback. “It’s not by a lot, but we talked earlier about Michigan’s inability to run the ball out of a conventional two-back or single-back formation. You’re seeing them have to run a lot of sweeps and jet sweeps. Right now, when you look at Michigan State, they are a complete team.”

The Spartans bring the entire package of defense, offense and special teams. Griffith says Michigan can still catch up if they get their run game in gear, but for now the clear edge goes to MSU.

“I don’t think [Michigan] can control the game the way they want to just by running the football.”