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Mike Sadler goes into Michigan State Hall of Fame, being honored in midfield logo on Saturday

Mike Sadler is now in the Michigan State Hall of Fame as the Spartans honor him this week.

This week, former Michigan State Spartans punter was inducted into the MSU Athletics Hall of Fame.

On Saturday when the Spartans host the Wisconsin Badgers, Sadler’s No. 3 will be on the midfield logo at Spartan Stadium, athletic director Mark Hollis said Thursday.

Sadler is one of eight former student-athletes being inducted into the MSU Hall of Fame this weekend. The former All-American punter was killed in a car accident on July 23 in Waukesha, Wisconsin.

Normally, MSU Hall of Fame inductees go through a 10-year waiting period before becoming eligible. In the case of Sadler, the selection committee decided to waive the waiting period and induct him a year after his graduation from the school.

Sadler’s mother, Karen, represented him on Thursday night as he was inducted as part of MSU’s 2016 class during a ceremony at the Wharton Center.

Here is Sadler’s induction video honoring his career and life, including Karen’s speech about her son: