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The Only Colors Update

We are splitting up the play calling mid season.

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to take a break from the frenzy of comments on the Dantonio article to fill you all in on some changes that are coming to The Only Colors. As most of you know, I have been the site manager since Joe left in March and while things have been going pretty well, I have been getting more and more comments from many of you about things you have been missing from the site. Be it more in-depth statistical pieces or weekly insights you have seen before, things have felt a little empty here at TOC. So like any program, if things are not working and you are not moving the ball down the field, changes in the coaching staff need to be made.

I am excited to announce that joining me as co-manager of The Only Colors will be Austin Smith aka AustinCSmith.

You are probably familiar with the work Austin has done on the site, most recently his work on The Only Podcast with Chris Vaninni or the weekly previews he has been cranking out. I am going to step to the side now and let Austin fill you in about himself and some exciting things we are going to be doing here on the site!


Hello TOC Faithful,

First of all, I want to thank Dom and the higher ups at SB Nation for this opportunity. I am both flattered and thrilled about the chance to help co-manage a site that, like many of you, I’ve been reading for years. Frankly, it’s a little surreal.

The saying goes “if you have two quarterbacks, you really have none” but I can promise you that is not the case here. Dom has done a great job and I’m just here to help make sure we are bringing you the best MSU content available anywhere.

I want to encourage everyone to provide as much feedback for us as possible. Like Dom said, if there are types of articles or content you want to see, please tell us. If you’re interested in contributing, let us know. If you live in Chicago, come have a beer and scream at the TV with me some Saturday. I’ve been told I have a flair for the dramatic.

Dom and I both want to make sure the amazing community of Spartan fans that has been cultivated over the years at TOC stays as strong as ever and, who knows, maybe even grows. Whatever that entails, I’m game.

You can reach me on Twitter @acsmith06 or find my contact info here.

Thanks again to Dom and everyone at SBN and most importantly thank you, TOC readers, for letting me be a part of this awesome site.

Go Green,