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Michigan State’s Ed Davis Granted Sixth Year of Eligibility By NCAA

The Linebacker applied in August for sixth year after completing required course requirements.

Eastern Michigan v Michigan State

Well, the long wait is finally over for Michigan State and Ed Davis. He is going to be playing for the Spartans this year.

Reported by Kyle Austin of MLive, Coach Mark Dantonio announced Friday that the NCAA approved Davis’ waiver for a sixth year of eligibility after the LB finished all of the required classes for graduation earlier this summer. This means that when Michigan State heads to South Bend on in 8 days, Davis will be eligible to play with the team.

Most people remember the disappointing news that Davis, coming off a great 2014 campaign, tore his ACL in fall camps last year. At that point the road to get him back on the field was not just a physical one, but a academic one as well.

While coaches originally thought that Davis would be able to apply for this sixth year back in May, Davis did not complete all credits needed to graduate so he needed to take those credits this summer. It was announced into fall camp this year that he was eligible to apply and then it became a waiting game, a game that ended today.

While linebacker is arguably the deepest position that Michigan State has this year, it is going to be nice to have Davis back in pads and adding in some blitzing schemes for the Spartans. Not to mention, having extra experience on a defense that is going to need to play out of their minds against Notre Dame and Wisconsin in the next two weeks is immeasurable.

We are all talking about how no one likes this week two bye, but it may just be a blessing in disguise in giving Davis time to work with the team and get set for the trip next Saturday.