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Michigan State is Rocking Throwback Michigan Agricultural College Unis Tonight and We Love It

Get out the fire emojis. This is too nice.

MSU Basketball Twitter:

Everyone loves alternate jerseys. When I pick up the sticks in Madden I always go with something different. Get that retro look, something I can really stunt on the opponent with. Michigan State is not shy from mixing things up through out the years. We have the seeming favorite alternate with the script State on the chest. Then you also have the lime green, color-rush wannabe’s that were made famous with the Costello-Izzo bear hug:

Well, we got a teaser tweet earlier today leading up to tonight’s matchup with Minnesota. The boys were wearing something a little different tonight and we got our first look from the Spartan Basketball account and oh yes, we are going retro:

Minnesota may have just gained a coach from the MAC but there was one MAC to rule them all and it is these Michigan Agricultural College beauties. Get ready to see these in the highlight reel as they hoist the imaginary Honeycrisp Trophy for the second time in as many weeks.