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A Spartan Story: Jack Conklin is One of Three Rookies to make the NFL All-Pro Team

Michigan State looks like they produced one of the best offensive tackles to ever play in the pros. The real kicker is it’s only his rookie season.

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Michigan State fans remember him well, he helped bring the Spartans football program to stardom.

Jack helped the Spartans win the 2014 Rose Bowl, the 2015 Cotton Bowl, and served a role in putting Michigan State in the 2015 College Football Playoff Semifinal.

No one thought that a former walk-on would one day be selected 8th overall in the 2016 NFL draft by the Tennessee Titans but that’s exactly what happened. Conklin overcame big odds.

Jack became the first Michigan State offensive lineman to be picked in the first round since Tony Mandarich was drafted 2nd overall by the Green Bay Packers in 1989. He was also the highest drafted Spartan since Charles Rodgers.

In his Spartan career he was a three year starter at left tackle, of his 39 games he only missed one.

In his first year wearing a Titans uniform Jack ended up being one of three rookies to be voted to the NFL All-Pro team. The other two were Ezekiel Elliot and Tyreek Hill.

The Tennessee Titans offensive line has faced dangerous pass rushers all year long, they included guys like Von Miller, Justin Houston, and Dee Ford. Their line faced 8 of the top 10 sack leaders in the NFL throughout the year. They totaled 91 sacks as a group in the 2016 season, but only three of them came against the Titans. This speaks volumes to their offensive line as a whole, especially Jack Conklin who is responsible for going up against dominant pass rushers like Von, Justin and Ford as mentioned before.

Sam Monson of Pro Football Focus, who put Jack on the PFF All-Pro team via their sports coverage had this to say about Conklin’s rookie campaign.

Michael Renner, another Pro Football Focus sports writer, was in charge of running a “Top NFL rookies list” every week of the season. A list that had Jack Conklin in the top 5 every week after the Titans opener.

Entering week 16 Michael Renner reflected on Jack Conklin’s season as it was slowly coming to a close.

All year long Jack remained one of the best right tackles in the NFL. Conklin was able to adapt to the NFL with ease, allowing minimal hurries, sacks, and was dominant as a run blocker.

In the end Jack was rewarded with All-Pro status, one of the best recognition's that can be handed out in the NFL.

Congrats to Jack Conklin on an amazing rookie season, we wish you nothing but the best as your NFL career continues.

Michigan State fans will never forget you.

Big 10 Championship Game - Ohio State v Michigan State Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images