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WATCH: The Journey: Michigan State Freshman

“I don’t think since the Fab 5 I remember anybody starting four or five freshmen in our league.”

NCAA Basketball: Michigan State at Penn State Derik Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Tom Izzo has taken a new direction this season by loading up his starting roster with freshman players, jumping on a growing trend for elite college basketball programs.

The Big Ten Network put together a feature on this year’s Michigan State Spartans freshman class, which you can watch here:

Freshman guard Joshua Langford admits he could take plays off as a high schooler, a practice which is long gone now that he’s at MSU.

Freshman forward Nick Ward talks about the recent trip to Minnesota where the team got down 14 at one point only to come back and win in overtime. Above all, Izzo and the players talk about the growth process.

It hasn’t always been pretty this season but Izzo has big expectations for his first-year guys.

“I think all four of them are going to be very, very good players. Hopefully in the near future.”