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Ben Carter Officially Declared Out for the Season; Gavin Schilling “99%” Done

Nothing Earth-Shattering, but a bummer nonetheless

NCAA Basketball: Rutgers at Michigan State Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

File this under “news you saw coming” but it appears both Ben Carter and Gavin Schilling are done for 2016.

In case you somehow missed it, both players suffered knee injuries last fall and while there was hope they’d be able to play at some point this season, still have not progressed to the point of taking part in any basketball-related activities.

As Solari’s article states, just because the two are done for this season doesn’t necessarily mean their Spartan careers are over.

Izzo on Schilling...

Izzo said Schilling is “very doubtful” to return this season, putting it at 99% but leaving some room open since he and Schilling and his family have not had the final conversation to sit out the final two months of this season, get a medical redshirt and return next season.

Izzo on Carter...

Izzo has said MSU plans to approach the NCAA about a sixth-year medical exemption to get Carter back next season, though paperwork cannot begin until after this season. He also said he would be open to having the Las Vegas native back on his staff as a graduate transfer if he does not pursue an overseas playing opportunity.

MSU has already landed two frontcourt players in the 2017 class — 6’10” Jaren Jackson Jr and 6’9” Xavier Tillman — and are after 5-Star center and 7-footer Brandon McCoy, as well, but retaining at least one of Schilling and Carter could turn out to be very important to the 2017 Spartans.

Should McCoy go elsewhere and Miles Bridges head to the NBA as expected, they’re still left relatively thin with only Nick Ward, Jackson and Tillman — then again, three true big men is downright deep compared to this year. If Schilling and/or Carter can return, though, they’ll have legitimate frontcourt depth unlike they’ve had in years.

In the dream (and not altogether unlikely) scenario that one or both return AND McCoy commits to play in East Lansing, Izzo would have such an abundance of bigs that he could even have the luxury of redshirting Tillman or Jackson (probably Tillman and some roster movement would have to take place for this to be possible scholarship-wise but indulge me for a moment).

In summation: there are a lot of possibilities for 2017 but in the immediate future, it looks like Schilling and Carter are both staying on the shelf.