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Nothing Like Victory For MSU to Get You Through The Week

Exactly what your Wednesday needs.

NCAA Basketball: Youngstown State at Michigan State Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

It is a long week as an MSU fan. The team lost a game on Sunday it should have won and unlike some weeks where we could get the taste out of our mouth on Tuesday with a game, we are in that LONG stretch of waiting until this weekend for a chance to redeem ourselves.

I was looking for some recruiting news, a Bridges’ dunk, something to get the green pumping through my blood and I see this beauty from the university itself:

Chills. Is the singing in this awesome? Not really. Do I care? NOPE. Little future Spartans singing about half way in got me. The dude going full on opera voice was perfect too. Only thing I would change would be having one or two students yelling “WEEEEEEEEEEEEEAK” but I get it, I just did it while I was watching to add into the fun. I am going to watch this every day until our game vs. Indiana this weekend.

PS - Damn right, “Victory For MSU” is better than I love you. Technically it is more than three words, but I am counting it. Go Green