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Tom Izzo recaps Indiana

One good half won’t win the Spartans many games in the Big Ten. They learned that the hard way in Bloomington.

NCAA Basketball: Michigan State at Indiana Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Michigan State fought valiantly in Bloomington after falling behind by 20 points, but Indiana did just enough to hang on second-half deficit to four, but Indiana held on for an 82-75 win Saturday in Bloomington.

Tom Izzo was happy to see his young Spartans fight back from a big hole, but one good half simply isn’t enough to win games in the Big Ten.

“Yeah, well it wasn’t a very good effort in the first half. I give us some credit for the second half but you don’t get to play halves in basketball,” Izzo said after the loss. “The first half they took it at us in every way, shape and form and we had a couple of guys that didn’t guard anybody.

“Give us credit, I guess, that we got up off the mat in the second half but you can’t win fights if you’re getting up in the second half after taking a pummeling in the first half.”

Here is a replay of Izzo’s postgame press conference, courtesy of Inside the Hall:

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