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The Only Podcast -- Land Grant LAZER Week

Can MSU can bounce back from a tough defeat in time to shock their toughest opponent and win the most rad trophy in all the land?

(H/T to our own Chris Vannini)

This week on The Only Podcast, Austin (@acsmith06) and John (@john_kirby) talk all things LAND GRANT as well as...

2:00 -- Hoops Talk -- Two Exhibitions in and we have some stats that don't matter

12:45 -- Reviewing Northwestern -- Steps forward and steps backwards

28:00 -- Love/Hate Week 7 -- We are all Iowa State

48:00 -- #BaylorWatch -- Previewing John's favorite game ever

52:00 -- Around the B1G -- Previewing MARYLAND/RUTGERS (jk)

1:00:00 -- Previewing Penn State -- Does James Franklin know who he's playing this week?

1:16:00 -- Predictions and Prop Bet -- WHATS IT GONNA BE