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MSU football: The Good, The Bad, The Random vs. OSU

This game is over, so let’s just talk about it and get it over with

NCAA Football: Michigan State at Ohio State Joe Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports

This game is over. The final score will be the infinity symbol-probably zero.

Let’s break it down.

The Good

Jake Hartbarger: Man is he booming those punts. Hartbarger for Heisman.

Vegas: Never doubt them again. Ever.

All gravy: I feel like I really need to tell myself this, but it’s worth repeating -- this season is all gravy. To be playing in a meaningful game today is outstanding. We will return as Big Ten favorites the following two years at the very least.

The Bad

The line: Which one? Doesn’t matter, both are turnstiles today. The offensive line is giving Lewerke .8 seconds to throw the ball. Just set up velvet rope and lay down the red carpet to the pocket inside.

The defensive line? Like a hot machete through butter. OSU is getting seven yards per play at will.

Brian Lewerke: On the rare occasion he does have time to throw, he airmails it like Yao Ming is his target. Some throws aren’t even in the same zip code as his target.

The run game: Once again, nothing coming from the run game.

Coaching: This team came in completely unprepared. “WHOA, BUT OSU IS A BUZZSAW!!!” you might say. “THEY RECRUIT SO MUCH BETTER” others bellow. Really? This team has never been blown out by OSU. They’ve been running this offense all 13 years JT Barrett has played quarterback.

Guys, this MSU team is good. Already exceeded out expectations. We came in playing with house money, but to see them so lost in such a big game is upsetting.

Everything else: Everyone except Hartbarger has their pants down by their ankles.

The Random

Hey, this is pretty cool: