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Film Room: Ohio State

“Boy, that escalated quickly. I mean, that really got out of hand fast.”

NCAA Football: Michigan State at Ohio State Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

Here at the TOC Film Room we try and use some plays from the previous week’s game to educate and teach the fans what went right or wrong to try and find out what we can learn from the game film. Well if you saw the game, you know what happened. If you didn’t see the game, then you are quite lucky.

So with that in mind we are going to follow the lead of Coach Dantonio this week.

Defensive line against OSU’s run game

The Michigan State run defense, that came in to the game third in the country, allowed 335 rushing yards at 7.98 yards per attempt. It was the most rushing yards allowed by a Mark Dantonio team at MSU, surpassing the 313 yards allowed in 2012 to Nebraska. So let’s go to the film.

In addition to the rushing totals, the Spartan defense overall allowed over eight yards per play. It wasn’t the worst number ever under Dantonio, but it’s right there with the worst.

Passing Offense

After what was probably his best game as a starter against Penn State, Lewerke had his worst game this week against Ohio State. A season low yards per pass of 3.6 ranks as the worst since the opening game of the 2013 season against Western Michigan when Andrew Maxwell and Connor Cook combined for an average of 3.1 yards per attempt on 37 passes. Let’s check in on the passing attack from Saturday.

MSU rushing attack

Well surely they must have done something at least okay. What about running the ball?

MSU averaged 1.88 yards per attempt, their worst performance in two years. For the record the Spartans are now averaging 3.78 yards per rush on the season, which would be their worst average since the 2008 season.

Here’s some footage from Saturday in Columbus.


And now we will take one final look at Dantonio and the coaching staff going over the game film from Saturday.

But wait...we won’t leave you without something good, so how about some puppies!

Oh and here’s one more to get ready for Tuesday night.

Everybody feel better? Good.