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The Only Podcast: It’s Basketball Season!

What football game?!?! ITS BRIDGES SZN

NCAA Basketball: North Florida at Michigan State Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

Have no fear, Miles Bridges is here to save you from your football depression....but yeah we need to talk about that whole thing.

On this week’s The Only Podcast, Austin (@acsmith06) and John (@John_Kirby)

1:00 — Recapping the Bloodbath in Columbus

8:00 — Recapping the B1G FOOTBALL STYLE

15:00 — (Not so) Dark Horse Watch

20:00 — Next Week in the B1G: it’s all a technicality

25:00 — Previewing Maryland — Senior Day Shoutouts


47:00 — Non-Con season preview

59:00 — Potential Weaknesses?

1:08:00 — Expectations

1:10:00 — Previewing DOOK, X-factors, etc

1:25:00 — Prop Bet