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NFL Week 14 TV Schedule

Le’Veon Bell has the Steelers in position to win the top seed in the AFC.

Big 10 Championship Game - Wisconsin v Michigan State Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

With December here, we only have three full NFL Sundays left on the schedule after today.

It’s been a fun season, especially for several former Michigan State Spartans, so here’s to hoping they all get to end their 2017 seasons on a high note, and some even make deep runs in the NFL playoffs.

Now, here’s a look at all of the NFL action on TV today:

Colts vs. Bills at 1:00 on CBS

Cowboys vs. Giants at 1:00 on Fox

Lions vs. Buccaneers at 1:00 on Fox

Raiders vs. Chiefs at 1:00 on CBS

49ers vs. Texans at 1:00 on Fox

Packers vs. Browns at 1:00 Fox

Bears vs. Bengals at 1:00 on Fox

Vikings vs. Panthers at 1:00 on CBS

Redskins vs. Chargers at 4:05 on CBS

Jets vs. Broncos at 4:05 on CBS

Titans vs. Cardinals at 4:05 on CBS

Eagles vs. Rams at 4:25 on Fox

Seahawks vs. Jaguars at 4:25 on Fox

Ravens vs. Steelers at 8:30 on NBC