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The Spartans Crunchy’s lands itself in the Top 51 College Bars of America

Crunchy’s is back at it again Spartan fans

East Lansing’s old stomping grounds, Crunchy’s, is making some noise. Only this time it isn’t the long standing karaoke and beers filled to the brim that’s making it.

Hannah Doolin, a writer for has Crunchy’s listed as the 23rd best college bar in the entire country. The East Lansing bar, which is located on East Grand River Avenue has some of the best beer, food, and karaoke nights the city has to offer.

Crunchy’s first opened in 1982, it instantly became a place where students hung out. When the bar first started out they had 12 beers on tap, now it has close to 30. They also serve the famous “Crunchy Burger” which is included in their Monday through Friday lunch special that features a burger, fries and a pop for $5.99.

Unless a Michigan State basketball or football game is on Crunchy’s is always down to listen to their customers sing their hearts out Thursday through Saturday.

Crunchy’s is a great place for students to go relax and be around friends. After logging days filled with work and class time, they need a place that makes them feel right at home.

Not to mention, they are awesome on twitter too:

For anyone attending Michigan State University or is simply just a fan of the Spartans in general, please do your duty as a Spartan fan and get over to Crunchy’s ASAP.