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Three Takeaways: Yeah, That Just Happened. MSU loses to Michigan 86-57

This WAS a close game. Until it wasn’t.

NCAA Basketball: Michigan State at Michigan Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Going to keep this one brief ladies and gents.

1. We sucked

19 turnovers. 31.3% from behind the arc. Undisciplined play. This was not a great game.

2. They were better

To quote my co-manager Austin: “It is really hard to win when the other team shoots 1000%”

At one point in the first half UM was shooting 75% from the field.

3. People like MSU Dairy Store Ice Cream

So this game was basically over by half time. I wanted to be positive but momentum was theirs already and THEN they hit the 3 at the buzzer. So, we asked this:

We heard many answers but this one seemed best:

Answers ranged from fan favorites like Sesquicentennial Swirl to Dantonio Double Fudge but the best answer came from our friend Bryan at MGoBlog:

Sorry, Bryan. This is as close to a W as we got tonight.