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Welcome Aboard, TOC has a new writer -- Matt Sheehan

So, who exactly is this guy?

NCAA Football: Oregon at Michigan State Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

Spartan Nation – my brothers and sisters – let’s have some fun.

In words of all top recruits (Rivals has rated me as a 4-star tailgater), I am #blessed to be able to be writing for The Only Colors.

So, I guess I should tell you a little bit about me. I’m not a fan of the Spartans – oh no, that would be putting it too lightly. I live and bleed green and white and always have been since I could walk or recognize that screaming man on my TV as Tom Izzo.

My earliest memories of being a Spartan fan are hearing the “Fire Bobby” chants at Spartan Stadium and seeing Mateen Cleaves hit his running man in the 2000 title chase.

Most painful memory? Easily the 2011 Big Ten Championship Game. Middle Tennessee is a distant second – that’s how much that loss to Wisconsin sucked.

However, that made the best memories – going to the Rose Bowl in 2014 and Final Four in 2015 – even sweeter.

I guess more than two decades of being a Spartan has been a great teaching moment for that. There are tough times on the court and field, but that just makes the extraordinary moments even better to cherish.

And dang it, the best part of it all is going through the ups and downs with fellow Spartan fans. We’re the best fan base in the nation, and I’m sure there’s more than my bias to back that up. There’s got to be scientific numbers laying around somewhere.

As far as my writing background (here’s the boring part of the post), I spent my last two years of college writing for the State News and also covered the men’s basketball team my senior year in 2013-14. After graduation I wrote about high school sports in Port Huron for almost three years, but I recently decided to change career paths.

I can’t stress enough how lucky I feel to be combining my two passions – writing and MSU – into one with joining the TOC team. That may be cheesy, but I’m fired up to be here.

So let’s have some fun on here, gang. If you want to reach out I can be found babbling on and on about anything on Twitter @Sheehan_Sports.