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Tom Izzo previews NCAA Tournament

NCAA Basketball: Big Ten Tournament-Michigan State vs Minnesota Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The beauty of March Madness is something that Tom Izzo looks forward to every year.

Whether he’s got a powerhouse 1 seed or a rebuilding 8 seed like this year, this is the time of the year Izzo knows none of that really matters. All that matters now is winning your next game and living to fight another day.

On Monday, Izzo spoke with the media about the upcoming NCAA Tournament, and he sees is as a rebirth of sorts for his team.

”There is nothing like this time of year,” said Izzo “I think Greg Ianni walked into my meeting and said, `This doesn’t get old.’ I said, `Well, to some people it does.’ You look at some of those and you remember back when you made it and everybody is going crazy, and now, we just got maybe our family in the room and you’re just watching it.

“It doesn’t get old for me. It’s just as exciting. It’s an opportunity. It’s like a rebirth. It’s another season. And you get to throw away some things. Hopefully you throw away the bad and build on what you’ve learned from the good. You really get a chance to make a run. It’s so fragile out there. You win one game and who knows what happens.”

Here’s a recap of everything Izzo said about the upcoming tournament, courtesy of Spartan Sports Network.

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