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#V4MSU Re-Peat: Cassius is a Spartan, again, re-commits to MSU

The one-time member of the 2015 class had a winding road, but will be back in Green and White this summer

He’s baaaaaaaaaaaack.

Defensive lineman Cassius Peat, once a member of the 2015 recruiting class, has pulled the rarest of the “commits” and re-committed to Michigan State after spending 2015 at Pima (Az.) Community College.

24/7’s Sean Scherer broke the story first with a few telling quotes directly from Peat

"Yup, I'm enrolling at Michigan State this summer," Peat said. "I'm planning to enroll there for summer session one."

Peat always knew in his heart that he wanted to be a part of the Michigan State football program and finish his degree at MSU.

"I always felt like I was a part of it even though I went home for a family reason because my coaches kept in contact with me and so did my teammates," Peat said. "So I've always felt like I was in the program."

Peat has known for months that he was going to be a Spartan again.

"It wasn't really me telling them, they've known," Peat said. "I've been talking to them about it since November."

Peat originally transferred back to his home state of Arizona to deal with some personal issues, and was at one point committed to UCLA, but it is reassuring that, despite all that surrounds the program at the moment, he could still feel like East Lansing is a home away from home.

The final part confirms the months-long speculation that Peat would once again end up in East Lansing, which was justified by his official visit back in December.

On the football field, Peat will still have three years of eligibility and the opportunity to play right away. He plans to enroll this summer and figures to be in the two deep somewhere along the defensive line, immediately helping to shore up arguably the biggest trouble spot on the entire roster last year.

Welcome back, Cassius!