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Every Spartan’s best game of the 2016-17 basketball season

From Kyle Ahrens to Matt Van Dyk, we take a look at every team member’s marquee game

NCAA Basketball: Wisconsin at Michigan State Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

Everyone has at least one game to remember this season. No, really. Everyone.

As we look in the review mirror, let’s take a look at the top games from every Spartan this season.

Of course, some players left a few games to choose from, like Miles Bridges (*cough* please come back *cough*).

For each player we looked at the stats (duh), their big moments in games and how big the games were in the grand scheme of the season.

Don’t agree with one or 13 of these? Let’s talk it over in the comments section, fellow Spartans.

Kyle Ahrens: Dec. 12 Tennessee Tech (71-63 W) In a game that was closer than MSU probably wanted it to be, Ahrens had a season-high nine points and seven rebounds. He had key moments down the stretch too, making him a quality energy-off-the-bench player to be excited about for next season.

Miles Bridges: Jan. 24 vs. Purdue (84-73 L) It’s hard to put a loss as his best game, but it would be even harder to find an individual performance stronger than this. We’re talking about a season-high 33 points on 71 percent shooting, including 5/8 shooting from behind the arc. Add that with seven rebounds, four blocks and a patented highlight dunk, this was his best work.

NCAA Basketball: NCAA Tournament-First Round-Michigan State vs Miami
This guy had a few decent games this season
Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Alvin Ellis: Dec. 27 vs. Minnesota (75-74 OT W) The Alvin Ellis game. All Ellis knew that night was the word “clutch” as the Spartans were down 13 at halftime and without Miles Bridges – not an ideal spot. Ellis filled the hoop with a season-high 20 points, including the two free throws with 11 seconds left in overtime to take the one point lead and eventual win.

Conner George: March 9 vs. Penn State (78-51 W) George shot approximately 89 straight free throws at one point (alright, it was actually six), making four of them for a season-high four points on a big stage in the Big Ten Tournament.

Kenny Goins: Jan. 4 vs. Rutgers (93-65 W) Goins was physically incapable of missing that night, shooting 4/4 from the field en route to a season-high nine points to go along with six rebounds and two blocks. Commercial break: Let’s not underappreciate what Goins did all season. To take on the talent he did as a 6-foot-6 walk-on, he had a heck of a season even without flashy numbers.

Eron Harris: Nov. 20 vs Florida Gulf Coast (78-77 W) Without his stellar performance with 31 points – including 6/6 shooting from long range – MSU doesn’t win that game, and that would have been a glaring loss on the résumé. He passed 20 points four times this season, but this was undoubtedly his most important night incinerating the nets.

Josh Langford: March 9 vs. Penn State (78-51 W) Sharpshooting was what MSU needed in its first Big Ten Tournament game to all but guarantee its spot in another NCAA Tournament, and Langford delivered. This game was a relieving blowout to watch thanks to Langford, who scored nine of MSU’s first 30 points to take an early 30-13 lead. He finished with 13 points on 60 percent shooting and five rebounds in the crucial victory.

Matt McQuaid: Feb. 26 vs. Wisconsin (84-74 W) McQuaid’s play at the end of the season improved to the point where it’s hard to not think what leaps he can take next season. The must-win game against Wisconsin was one of those moments as he had 15 points – tied for a season-high – on 5/9 shooting to help MSU get its marquee win of the season.

NCAA Basketball: Michigan State at Minnesota
In what was arguably the most exciting game of the season, Nairn rose up to deliver a big performance for MSU against Minnesota on the road.
Jordan Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Tum Tum Nairn: Dec. 27 vs. Minnesota (75-74 OT W) With 13 points, four rebounds and three assists, Nairn was a pivotal leader in a game that’s easy to look back on and say “we stole one that night.” A close second place was his 12 assist performance back home in the Bahamas to top Wichita State 77-72.

Greg Roy: Dec. 6 vs. Youngstown State (77-57 W) Roy put up the one hundred emoji in this game as far as shooting percentage goes, making his one and only shot for two points. Suck it, Penguins.

Cassius Winston: Jan. 29 vs. Michigan (70-62 W) Putting up his second-highest point total of the season, Winston gave the Spartans 16 points – along with 10/11 free throw shooting – to help lead the green and white to a win. With three assists added, this one felt like Winston’s coming out game.

Nick Ward: Feb. 26 vs. Wisconsin (84-74 W) We all knew the stakes in this late-season game, and Ward clearly did as well as he led MSU one step closer to a NCAA Tournament berth. With 22 points on 9/12 shooting and nine rebounds, Ward put an exclamation point on his All-Big Ten Freshmen Te—OH WAIT THAT’S RIGHT. All he did was pass 20 points six times. Not bitter about it or anything.

Matt Van Dyk: Dec. 6 vs. Youngstown State (77-57 W) Van Dyk’s journey to being a Spartan is incredible – from Hope College to St. Clair County Community College to MSU. When he looks back on his career at MSU, he’ll remember this game with nine rebounds, two blocks and two points to melt the Penguins.