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The Only Colors Bracket Challenge

Come join the fun and embrace the madness of March.

NCAA Basketball: Final Four-Michigan State vs Duke Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

With the NCAA Tournament inching closer, it's time for The Only Colors bracket challenge!

Here is your chance to match wits against the rest of our staff and readers and showcase how much you know about college hoops. You can also get a bit of a scoop on how our experts see this tournament playing out...whether that’s a good or bad thing (probably bad in my case).

This year, SB Nation is recommending that we use Yahoo as our bracket game, so we have set one up here:

The Only Colors Bracket Challenge

You can pick against the staff and compete for bragging rights if you show you're smarter than us when it comes to college hoops in March. You also have some time to think about things since Selection Sunday isn’t until this weekend, and the NCAA Tournament’s First Four doesn’t start until next Tuesday.

Good luck, and happy March Madness!