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Harold Joiner, nation’s No. 3 running back, thinking MSU?

Here’s some recruiting news to get a little excited about

Oregon v Michigan State Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Alright, try to not get too excited here, but one of the nation’s top recruits loves him some MSU.

Harold Joiner — the No. 3-ranked running back in the nation according to 247Sports — voiced to 247Sports’ Kipp Adams that the Spartans are a favorite to land him.

And honestly, why wouldn’t he have the Spartans on top?

The track record of MSU running backs speaks for itself, most notably with Pittsburgh Steelers bell cow Le’Veon Bell. Jeremy Langford has also earned his spot in the NFL after picking up a Rose Bowl as a junior. Edwin Baker — one of Mark Dantonio’s earliest running backs — also got some run in the NFL.

Proven NFL products aside, what could be the most appealing to Joiner is the immediate playing time as a Spartan.

Gerald Holmes and Madre London will graduate after this year. LJ Scott could very well skip his senior year and become another drafted NFL running back.

That leaves the door wide open, and if Scott’s freshman year two seasons ago is any indication, Dantonio won’t shy away from making a true freshman “the man.”

Big Ten Championship
Oh yeah, freshmen play at MSU
Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

As a freshman and former coveted recruit, Scott led the Spartans in rushing attempts, yards and touchdowns. I would comfortable bet my car that Joiner would do the same as a freshman.

Proven NFL products? Immediate playing time? Best college in the world? (Alright, that last one was a little biased)

It’s obvious why Joiner may be thinking green early on.

It should be pointed out that, according to 247Sports, Joiner has yet to visit East Lansing. However, he does have plans to make the trip up and visit, and rumor says it could be in three weeks. If he visits during the season, let’s hope he targets the Notre Dame game. Spartan Stadium will be a full-on zoo that night.

It’s far — very far — from official, but it’s hard to not look at this news and get a little excited.