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Sexual assault charges against three Michigan State football players authorized by Ingham County Prosecutor

Police will soon be able to obtain warrants for the arrest of the three still unnamed players

The next step in the criminal sexual assault case involving three Michigan State football players has been taken.

Today, Ingham County Prosecuting Attorney Carol Siemon authorized sexual assault charges against three still unnamed players. The charges allege that on the night of January 16th the three sexually assaulted a woman in an East Lansing apartment on campus. Three players and a football staffer were suspended on February 9th in the wake of the incident. The staffer — who Michigan State just recently confirmed was in fact Curtis Blackwell, MSU’s director of college advancement and performance — will not face criminal charges.

Charges against the three have not officially been filed, but once they are police will be able to obtain arrest warrants from a judge. That could happen as soon as Tuesday.

The players have still not been named, but it stands to reason that will likely change once warrants are obtained.

We will update this story as more information becomes available.