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50 reasons to be excited for MSU football’s season

Spartan fans...we’re just 50 days away from kickoff

Rutgers v Michigan State Photo by Dave Reginek/Getty Images

Can you feel it? Can you feel how close we are?

We are within 50 days of football returning to East Lansing, and what better way to celebrate that fact with 50 reasons to get fired up about the season?

Let’s just get right into it.

1. Getting this new chapter started

One lengthy bowl game streak ended, so it’s time to start another one. People don’t think MSU can come back, but they also didn’t think we could win a Rose Bowl, go to the College Football Playoff or win two Big Ten Championship Games.

2. The deafening “Go Green, Go White” chants

3. Tailgating season

Including four times in September.

4. Brian Lewerke coming back healthy

He showed us he could be “the man” before his broken leg, and we can’t wait to see his redshirt sophomore year.

5. Messiah deWeaver coming back healthy

6. Damion Terry coming back healthy

Nothing like three healthy, talented QBs ready to roll and compete.

Michigan v Michigan State Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

7. Three words: All White Everything

The (500 flame emojis) comes Sept. 9 against Western Michigan

8. Hearing the Spartan Marching Band after every touchdown, halftime or big defensive stop

9. Or watching their badass walk into the stadium

10. And also watching the football team walk to battle from Kellogg to Spartan Stadium

Photo by Bobby Ellis/Getty Images

11. Opening night against Bowling Green

Having football back in East Lansing is like Christmas…but better.

12. Hearing the crowd roar the first time Jalen Watts-Jackson has his name called over the loudspeakers

13. Warm games

For those that like T-shirts and shorts

14. Chilly games

For the sweatshirt and jeans crowd (we don’t discriminate here)

15. Game two against Western Michigan

All-white jerseys. Tailgating with your WMU friends. Being in EL. That’s hard to beat.

16. Game three against Notre Dame

Night game. Historic rivalry. Hours of tailgating. Dang, that’s hard to beat too.

17. Watching LJ Scott light up defenses

18. And watching Gerald Holmes run through defenses

19. Game four against Iowa

Kicking off the Big Ten schedule with our fourth home game in September? We’ll take it.

20. Hearing the student section – and the rest of the stadium – bring the noise on third down

21. Watching the Allen brothers go to work on the offensive line

Straight outta Hinsdale, Ill., Brian (Outland Trophy Watch List) and Matt Allen are a dangerous combo

22. Zeke the Wonderdog at halftime

RIP Zeke IV.

Michigan State v Michigan Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

23. Game five on the road at Jalen Watts-Jackson Stadium

24. Hate Week leading up to that game

The week you’ll hear the most irrational statements ever said by mankind.

25. Watching replays of the Jalen Watts-Jackson touchdown during that game

26. Watching Sparty sprint into Spartan Stadium and plant the flag at the 50

27. Game six at Minnesota

Are they rowing boats there? Let’s just sink them anyway.

NCAA Football: Air Force at Michigan State
Andrew Dowell
Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

28. Watching the Dowell brothers go to work on defense

You don’t want to run into Andrew or David.

29. The wide receiver battle

Trishton Jackson, Felton Davis, Cam Chambers, Darrell Stewart Jr., Hunter Rison, Brandon Sowards, Justin Layne and Cody White? Sheesh.

30. George Blaha’s “TOUCH-DOWN M-S-U”

31. Road trips

Whether it’s road trips to your East Lansing tailgate or road trips to road games, it’s always a fun time with friends and family.

32. Game seven against Indiana

Homecoming on Oct. 21. Be there.

33. Game eight at Northwestern

To our great Chicago Spartans – be there.

34. Watching games from home

Sometimes sitting on the couch with a cold one is the best seat.

35. The search for the next great defensive lineman

Shilique Calhoun, Marcus Rush and Malik McDowell left big shoes to fill. Who’s the next star in the trenches?

36. The search for the next lockdown defensive back

We all know the famed No Fly Zone of 2013-14. Who can get that reignited this year?

37. Game nine against Penn State

It will be lit my friends.

38. The new permanent stadium lights

39. The south side Spartan Stadium renovations

Guys…bathrooms on the outside of the stadium! What a world.

NCAA Football: Michigan State at Ohio State
Keep on windmilling
Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

40. Game 10 at Ohio State

What happened last time we played there?

41. The replays of that kick that will be sure to air during that game

42. The linebacker corps

Chris Frey, Shane Jones, Joey Bachie, Andrew Dowell and Byron Bullough? Now that’s a solid lineup.

43. Game 11 against Maryland

Last call for East Lansing tailgating in 2017.

44. Getting to know the freshmen class

Will anyone stand out immediately, like Antjuan Simmons, Kevin Jarvis, Matt Dotson, Josiah Scott or Hunter Rison?

45. Seeing the senior class leave their legacy

46. Game 12 at Rutgers

Can’t ask for a better opponent to close the regular season with.

47. Seeing who can replace Michael Geiger

There’s plenty of options with Matt Coghlin, Cole Hahn and Brett Scanlon all gunning for the top spot.

48. Watching – or maybe even going to – whatever bowl game MSU gets in

They’ll go to one this year


50. Hanging out with 75,000+ of your best friends every home game

So, what did we miss? If there’s anything you’re fired up for this fall, let’s talk about it in the comments section.