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Michigan State sells pieces of basketball court

Fans get a chance to scoop up pieces of Breslin practice court

Michigan State basketball is big business. Never was that more obvious than Friday morning outside of the Michigan State University Surplus Store. Hundreds of people lined up to purchase a piece of the Breslin Center practice court floor.

The pieces of floor sold for $20 a chunk and weighed north of 80-pounds each. But the weight did nothing to slow down potential buyers. Not only did the floor pieces sell out, but the Surplus Store had to limit each customer to no more than 10 pieces.

The school is selling off the floor as a part of major renovations planned for the Breslin Center. The $50 million project includes the new Michigan State Basketball Hall of History and the Draymond Green Strength and Conditioning Center.

Anyone who missed out on the first round of sales will have another shot in the coming week when 400-600 more pieces go on-sale.

This isn’t the first time the school has sold off pieces of a basketball court. Following the 2000 championship season, the home court was chopped up and sold off to fans.

Hopefully, for State fans, there will be another round of court sales following a championship season this year. There will be more than enough talent on that floor to get the job done.