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The 5 most annoying things MSU fans will have to hear this season

Five things sure to drive all Spartans fans up the wall by week two of the season

NCAA Football: Michigan State at Indiana Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Last year was frustrating for Michigan State football, which has made for an even more frustrating offseason. While all of the bad coverage was more than deserved, it definitely made things difficult. With football nearly back, Spartans fans can only hope that the team will turn things around and again bring positive coverage to the program.

Until they pull that off, the national media is going to keep drilling the same ideas. Most of those are going to be pretty nauseating for MSU fans.

5. So many good players are gone

If last year’s team was fresh off of a New Year’s Day bowl game, then it would make sense that broadcasts would focus on how many good players left the team. But the 2016 team was bad, real bad. Sure, you never want to lose starters with experience, but come on, it’s college athletics. There is always a lot of turnover.

4. It’s going to be much harder on Dantonio this time around

I’m not sure if anyone was aware of this at the time, but things were really easy on Mark Dantonio and his MSU program through his first 10 years. Michigan, Ohio State and Penn State really weren’t even playing football at the time, so all those wins don’t mean that much. But now that the big boys are BACK! Michigan State won’t be able to build up a team so easily. Honestly, the Spartans should just be happy they had their time when they did – or so it sounds from the “experts.”

3. Could Brian Lewerke be the next Connor Cook?

Turns out, two completely different people aren’t actually the same person! Who knew? Brian Lewerke is going to get constant comparisons to Connor Cook in his first year of starting for MSU. Come on, one guy is in the NFL and the other is entering his first season as the starter.

2. Man, that Jim Harbaugh is wild, isn’t he?

You know what every fan of Michigan State loves? Hearing about that wild and kooky head coach of their rival! Honestly, there may be nothing quicker to upset a Spartans fan during a broadcast than talking about how much everyone seems to be talking about Michigan’s head coach.

1. Is Mark Dantonio on the hot seat?

The worst part of this isn’t that the stupid question will be asked, it’s that the stupid question will be answered stupidly before anyone even asks. You can pretty much hear it now. “You know, I think all this talk of Mark Dantonio being on the hot seat is just crazy...” If the concept is so crazy, which it totally is, why is the thought even being thrown out into the public consciousness?