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East Lansing PD live tweeted MSU’s first Friday on campus

MSU students returned to East Lansing with a bang and ELPD has the tweets to prove it

Despite all of the obvious good that the East Lansing police do every day, plenty of Michigan State students have felt like they were at odds with the local authorities. Friday night, however, ELPD did what they could to win over a few more fans while reminding everyone of just how stupid crazy college welcome week was.

Still a week from the first football Saturday on campus, students clearly didn’t shy away from a good night. Although from the sound of things, it didn’t result in the best morning for more than a few people.

Whoever handled the @EastLansingPD account Friday night rode along with officer Travis Bove and his K9 partner Quinn. The two saw just about everything a warm Friday in EL has to offer.

With the exception of a strange call from Lansing, the night started with a couple routine traffic stops. But that’s when things got fun.

In case anyone was wondering, the soundtrack to the night was “Despacito” and 21 Savage’s “Bank Account.”

A few party goers seemed to forget that beer bottles are precious and can be returned for actual money. Unfortunately, they decided to deposit those bottles on the top of an undercover cop car. Grove st. as a whole needed a big cleanup.

Almost on cue, just as the bars were closing, the fights started. With fights likely resembling the final moments of the Mayweather-McGregor fight, one battle ended in an unusual way.

No one ever expects the horse cops to come into play until it’s too late.

With football around the corner, students will need to make sure they can fully enjoy the East Lansing fall. So, PSA, don’t get arrested for stupid stuff and enjoy the Spartans season.

P.S. ELPD – keep doing this, it’s like a less embarrassing form of Campus PD.