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The Only Podcast: New beginnings, and a goodbye

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Hey everyone!

It's been a while, but Austin and I are back with your preseason preview podcast, and it's loaded.

It's also my last podcast. If you haven't heard, after five years running, I've joined The Athletic as a national college football reporter for their CFB site, The All-American. As a result, I will no longer lead the pod. Among my first pieces was a co-bylined deep dive on everything that went wrong for MSU last year. I reference it a few times in the podcast below.

But have no fear. Austin is planning to continue the podcast, on the same RSS, so this should continue in some form.

I want to thank Austin for being a great partner over the past year, as well as my previous partners on this, Joe and Dom. I ran this place from 2012-14, trying to carry on the great foundation KJ, Ben and Pete built. I handed it on, and it's been shifted a few times, but I was able to come back in 2015 to at least start the podcast. I didn't really have time to write about MSU (outside of tweets), but I wanted an outlet for my deeper MSU thoughts. The podcast was mostly just a place where I could talk to a person about MSU sports, instead of all the dogs in my house. A bunch of you ended up listening, and I'm grateful for that.

Pete Rossman gave me my first opportunity here in 2012, when I was out of school and looking for writing opportunities anywhere. That led to the SB Nation newsdesk, which led to CoachingSearch, which led to The Athletic. I've been lucky, and I'm thankful to everyone who reads or listens to my work.

For now, continue to follow my writing at The All-American, and of course, on Twitter and @ChrisVannini.

Now, let's get to that pod. We talk about:

My new job (briefly)
A breakdown of every single position on the depth chart
A game-by-game prediction.

Enjoy! (I guess we'll need to change the pod logo)