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So honestly, what are we supposed to do with the coaches poll?

Michigan State somehow received a vote in the preseason coaches poll

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NCAA Football: Rutgers at Michigan State Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

Listen guys, we like to have fun here. We’re always up for a someone in the college football world to throw a little shade or take a shot at the system. But now someone has gone too far.

The coaches poll needs to be stopped.

This week, the first coaches poll of the season was released and, for the most part, there were no surprises. But hidden at the bottom was a little detail that can’t be overlooked – someone actually voted for Michigan State to be included in the top 25.

That means there is one SID coach who thinks the Spartans are one of the best teams in the country. That person shouldn’t have a job either because they have no idea what football is, or they don’t care at all about the rankings.

Sure, the coaches poll isn’t really used for anything anymore. But as long as it’s in the the public consciousness and has the chance of changing the opinions of those that matter, it needs to be taken somewhat seriously.

Maybe this is why people think the Big Ten is overrated.

Michigan State has a chance to bounce back this year. They have a legitimate chance to return to a bowl game this year. But, coming off of a 3-9 season with such roster turnover, they have no business being ranked.

Odds are, the “coach” who put MSU in the top 25 is one of the Spartans early season opponents. That’s really the only explanation for someone having that much confidence in Michigan State.