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Highlights of Michigan State Spartans beating Western Michigan Broncos

The Spartans have found a winning formula: Lewerke and a strong defense.

NCAA Football: Western Michigan at Michigan State Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

Thanks to another strong defensive effort and solid outing by Brian Lewerke, Michigan State toppled Western Michigan on Saturday, 28-14.

Lewerke scored on a 61-yard run in the first quarter, and Michigan State's defense was impressive for a second straight week in a two-score victory over a Western Michigan team that was in a BCS bowl last year.

Lewerke added another touchdown on a quarterback sneak and also threw for a score on a day when the Spartans (2-0) didn't need to do much on offense. Michigan State has allowed only three touchdowns in two games this year, but two of them came on fumble returns and the other on a kickoff return.

Here are the highlights of win No. 2 for the Spartans:

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