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MSU football: The Good, The Bad, The Random vs. Western Michigan

The win to go 2-0 had plenty of good, so let’s look back at it

Western Michigan v Michigan State Photo by Duane Burleson/Getty Images

Two. And. Oh.

Man does that feel nice to type.

After the Spartans rattled off a win against Western Michigan, let’s take a look back at The Good, The Bad and The Random of Saturday.

See anything else you liked? Or didn’t like? Let’s riff in the comments section.

The Good

Defense. Just all of it: OK, I get it – it’s been two MAC teams the defense has shut out. Still, this group has been a pleasant surprise with their ability to stop the run, plaster receivers and a push up front for pass pressure. Four sacks, only 79 passing yards and 1-of-15 third down conversions? YES PLEASE.

Joe Bachie all over the place: More specifically, Bachie needs to be pointed out after his second game with double-digit tackles. This kid’s hunger can only be satisfied with contact, or at least that’s how he plays. It’s not easy finding a play he’s not at least in on.

Great Scott!: When it came out Josiah Scott was going to get some playing time as a true freshman, I couldn’t help to think “well, he has to with this depth.” No sir. This kid has earned it, draping himself on whoever he’s been covering the first two games. He’s the real deal, and his interception helped prove that.

Great Scott! 2.0: After a bummer of an opening game, LJ Scott came back with a team-high 92 yards on 18 carries and tacked on two touchdowns. Of course, that was sparked with a wheel route — a route that never, ever fails — in the second quarter to go up 14-0. We all knew Scott would bounce back nicely.

Western Michigan v Michigan State Photo by Duane Burleson/Getty Images

The next best WR duo?: We knew the receiving corps was talented and production was going to come from somewhere. Well, now we know with the sticky hands of Felton Davis and the explosive playmaking ability of Darrell Stewart.

Brian Lewerke’s legs: White. Michael. Vick.

High remarks: /reads following tweet /tries to not get too excited but fails miserably

The Bad

Kickoffs: There is one player on Western who definitely shouldn’t touch the ball. His name is Darius Phillips, and apparently the MSU coaching staff never heard of this future NFL player. There was also one way to make sure he gets the ball – kicking to him. For some reason, and maybe there’s an open keg in the coaches box upstairs, they kicked directly to him.

Phillips burned him twice on kickoffs – once for a touchdown – and do you know what? I’m happy that happened. I’m glad that horrible decision was punished with the inevitable. If you’re going to drum up a terrible game plan like kicking to arguably the best return man in college football, you’re asking for people to ask “geez, who’s the special teams coach?”

Western Michigan v Michigan State Photo by Duane Burleson/Getty Images

Reviews: There were, what? 71 reviews that game? I lost count. That was annoying.

The Random

South end zone renovations: I just need to say this — the bathrooms in the south end of the stadium are glorious. If heaven had a bathroom, it’s this one. There’s enough urinals for the entire Lansing area and, GET THIS, hot water in the sinks. Man, we are living like kings.

Bye week: I selfishly, as a fan, hate having a bye week this early. Then again, maybe we could all use it to mentally and physically prepare for the Notre Dame game the following week. Chug water and carb up, people.

Hurricane relief: If you haven’t heard yet, a group of MSU players are heading down south to assist with Houston-area hurricane relief. Spartans Will, baby.

This sounds good, I think: I have no clue who or what S&P+ is, but this certainly sounds good.

This also sounds good: From Darrell Stewart...

Keep fighting the good fight, Jon: